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Habi (The Connection Art Project, Philippines)

In 2013, the founders of The Connection Art Project, photojournalist Maggie Rife Ponce, cultural artist Agustina Diez Sierra, and dance documentarian Jaycee Gossett traveled to the Philippines where they immersed themselves in the Filipino community through their lenses of photography, art & dance.

After many interviews, shared meals, and conversations they connected with the Filipino culture on a level that went beyond any guide book. This film documents the journey and supports their mission of promoting cultural awareness.

We believe that despite distance, humans are ever connected by the energy that is neither lost nor created, but rather recycled throughout lives. This means we are like interwoven particles that feel and react to each other across our divides. Thank you for connecting. -Maggie, Agustina & Jaycee

With the last tattooed women of Kalinga.

With the last tattooed women of Kalinga.


Co-Producer & Documentation: Dakila
Music: Nityalila
Stories: Maggie, Agustina, and & Jaycee


  1. While being self reliant is worth sharing and achieving. Interdependence is still vital in this world where uniqueness and success is best achieve by such principle.

    There is indeed connection from one culture to another. We just need to stretch ourselves and connect those dots.

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