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Singing For Survival

I have come a long way from home (The Philippines). I walked in behalf of my nieces and nephews who are far too young to understand this climate crisis and too young to fight for their dreams and future. I will continue to walk a thousand more miles to protect their future. Climate Change is NOT the greatest evil. APATHY IS.

I only ask that you allow my feet to arrive at your doorsteps, and allow my stories to knock on your hearts. I ask not to be let in but for you to step out and walk with me towards a cleaner and brighter future for the human family.


AG Sano, Desiree Llanos Dee, Yeb Sano, Rodne Galicha, and Nityalila, 10 days away from Paris.

Singing for survival from the Philippines all the way to Paris, the host of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Summit and COP21. Nitya Lila, a young and energetic artist, says marrying music and art in tackling climate change issues are a powerful way of raising public awareness and for world leaders to take urgent climate action.

“I believe in the universal power of music to help communicate our message on the urgent need for climate action,” said Nitya Lila, who made it in Paris when she joined the People’s Pilgrimage from Rome to Paris.

Nitya Lila took inspiration in writing the lyrics of the song from her experience when she and her family were left homeless and barely surviving after typhoon Ketsana hit Manila in 2009. Almost the whole of Manila was submerged in that typhoon.

“I walk not only for myself but for the victims of climate injustice, especially from developing countries and regions vulnerable to climate impacts. ,” Nitya Lila told Philippine Environews. “When I walk, I represent more than myself. I represent my young nephews and nieces who will grow in a future that relies on the decisions we will make today,” she said. Read more here

SOURCE: EnviroNews.Ph

Filipina singer-songwriter Nityalila Saulo talks about her song “Tayo-Tayo”, which she performed at the welcome service for the Climate Pilgrimage to Paris for the COP21 climate summit. November 26, 2015
Video: LWF/Ryan Rodrick Beiler


In 2014 a small group of advocates from around the country, joined by friends from Asia & the United States, embarked on Climate Walk, a special journey that took them 1,000 kilometers on foot from Kilometer Zero in the heart of Manila to Tacloban City – Ground Zero of Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. Climate Walk was a call for global citizens to rally against climate injustice and to awaken everyone into taking small, yet concrete steps towards attaining a just, sustainable, and peaceful world. During that 40-day journey, little by little, farmers and fisherfolk, children and youth rallied behind us, local governments were roused, and the Filipino grassroots realized their unity of purpose. As we crossed San Juanico Bridge into Tacloban, 5,000 people were walking with us.

Last year, the journey continued with the People’s Pilgrimage, a pilgrimage which involved a series of walks and journeys from various bailiwicks within and around Europe. From The Vatican all the way to Paris, the same walkers from the Philippines carried an important message – a message of hope, stewardship and caring for the Earth and for each other.

This journey served as a reminder to the whole world that the climate crisis is real, affecting lives and livelihoods, and scarring our aspirations for a better future.

The Pilgrimage for the Planet involved a 1,500 kilometer journey by foot from Rome to Paris, the host of the crucial 2015 United Nations Climate Change Summit.



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