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Singing For Survival

Singing for survival from the Philippines all the way to Paris, the host of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Summit and COP21. Nitya Lila, a young and energetic artist, says marrying music and art in tackling climate change issues are a powerful way of raising public awareness and for world leaders to take urgent climate action.

Climate Walk (Manila to Tacloban)

A collection of videos of Climate Walk 2014, Manila to Tacloban. — Climate Walk is borne out of a deep sense of duty to pay homage to communities that confront the realities of climate change, disaster risk, poverty, and environmental abuse. It is a way of reminding the whole world that we have this reality—this madness—to confront. Climate walk is also to inspire people around the world and to encourage world leaders to take urgent, ambitious actions to confront the climate crisis, highlighting the impacts of climate change on vulnerable countries like the Philippines. The fight against climate change is about us. The strength of our call lies in the collective strength of voices around the world crying out for climate justice. It is only with the voices of others that we ever become stronger. Climate Walk is intended to drive momentum for grassroots social action that would strengthen global public opinion on climate change and provide the push for countries to finalise a fair, equitable, ambitious, and durable new climate agreement in 2015 in Paris. …