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Sheroes On Wheels

On October 20, 1895, Annie Londonderry was the first woman who biked around the world. “I am a journalist and ‘a new woman,'” she wrote, “if that term means that I believe I can do anything that any man can do.” Today, we have more women taking on the road to cycle. These women are road SHEroes. The presence of women cycling on the road not only encourages more people to bike, it also brings different issues such as safety, fitness, and environment into everyday conversations.

Women on wheels symbolize courage and empowerment. For them, changing your lifestyle means changing the world. Get to know your road #SHEro and what she fights for through cycling.

Nityalila Saulo
Singer-Songwriter, Producer
Dakila – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism

Charley Sta. Maria
Documentary Filmmaker
Climate Walk, Project Aral, DLF, Dakila

Julia Nebrija
Urban Planner
Viva Manila, Inclusive Mobility Network

Penny Nepomuceno
Bike Entrepreneur, Barre3 instructor
UP Mountaineers, LARGA Travel and Adventure Co.

Lei Mangubat
University Instructor, Bike Messenger
UP Mountaineers, Pedala

Tina dela Cruz
Firefly Brigade Council
Firefly Brigade

Mia Bunao
Advocacy/Project Specialist, Upcycling Hobbyist, Blogger

Produced by
Nityalila Saulo

in Collaboration with
Charley Sta. Maria
Miko Aguilar
Mighty Minority

Women On Wheels on Rappler.


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