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Tayo Tayo (Together We Stand)

Written and composed by Nityalila
Performed and recorded live with the Climate Walkers during a rest day in Allen, Samar.


The song Tayo Tayo was written and composed by Nityalila, a Filipina singer-songwriter and a core member of artist organisation, Dakila – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism.

The song took birth after the death of good friend and God-brother, Tado Jimenez (co-founder of Dakila and one of the fourteen people who died from the Florida Trans bus crash that fell off a road in Bontoc, Mountain Province). Tayo Tayo took many forms in the beginning, searching for its voice, melody, and purpose. In September 2014, when Climate Walk, Manila to Tacloban, was nearing its final planning stage, “Tayo Tayo” humbly found its place, in the heart of Climate Action.

Tayo Tayo (Together We Stand) is a call to action. Tayo tayo hopes to inspire you to stand and engage in collective positive actions with your local communities toward a liveable, sustainable, just, and peaceful society.

“Let us refuse to succumb to a future that sows fear to our people every time a typhoon hits our land. Let us refuse to accept that suffering from devastation is a fact of life. Let us refuse to surrender the dignity of life of our people. Let us refuse to yield powerless against climate change. #ClimateRevolution now!” -Dakila

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