Author: Nityalila

Pagbangon: Stories of Survival Photo Exhibit Launch

Greenpeace unveils photo exhibit on devastation, survival and hope in the midst of climate change Manila, Philippines – Greenpeace Philippines, together with the Honorable Senator Grace Poe, Chair of the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media, today launched a photo exhibit at the Philippine Senate entitled Pagbangon: Stories of Survival. The 21-piece photo exhibit aims to highlight the devastation caused by climate change, a grim reality that the Philippines now faces. “Climate change impacts are increasingly being felt by millions of Filipinos from all demographics. They are now being forced to live and adapt to the onslaught of extreme weather events that continue to hit the country, claiming thousands of lives, damaging infrastructure and hindering our economic growth,” said Climate Change Commissioner Naderev ‘Yeb’ Saño. “Beyond resilience, Filipinos must develop a new mindset about the environment, particularly on the worsening of the climate, largely due to our dependence on dirty fossil fuels. We have no recourse but to change the status quo and learn to embrace new ideas and solutions that promote a …

Climate Walk (Manila to Tacloban)

A collection of videos of Climate Walk 2014, Manila to Tacloban. — Climate Walk is borne out of a deep sense of duty to pay homage to communities that confront the realities of climate change, disaster risk, poverty, and environmental abuse. It is a way of reminding the whole world that we have this reality—this madness—to confront. Climate walk is also to inspire people around the world and to encourage world leaders to take urgent, ambitious actions to confront the climate crisis, highlighting the impacts of climate change on vulnerable countries like the Philippines. The fight against climate change is about us. The strength of our call lies in the collective strength of voices around the world crying out for climate justice. It is only with the voices of others that we ever become stronger. Climate Walk is intended to drive momentum for grassroots social action that would strengthen global public opinion on climate change and provide the push for countries to finalise a fair, equitable, ambitious, and durable new climate agreement in 2015 in Paris. …

Habi (The Connection Art Project, Philippines)

In 2013, the founders of The Connection Art Project, photojournalist Maggie Rife Ponce, cultural artist Agustina Diez Sierra, and dance documentarian Jaycee Gossett traveled to the Philippines where they immersed themselves in the Filipino community through their lenses of photography, art & dance. After many interviews, shared meals, and conversations they connected with the Filipino culture on a level that went beyond any guide book. This film documents the journey and supports their mission of promoting cultural awareness. We believe that despite distance, humans are ever connected by the energy that is neither lost nor created, but rather recycled throughout lives. This means we are like interwoven particles that feel and react to each other across our divides. Thank you for connecting. -Maggie, Agustina & Jaycee Press: Filipino American History Month: A Trio of Inspiration SPLASH: Chicago’s dose of style, society and celebrities FAN (Filipino American Network) Credits: Co-Producer & Documentation: Dakila Music: Nityalila Stories: Maggie, Agustina, and & Jaycee

Juan Sound Project

Juan Sound Project is a mobile recording unit that collects sounds using various musical instruments and everyday things from individuals, musicians, and artists. Its objective is to produce a sound bite from the collected recordings to help raise awareness on different social issues in the Philippines. Juan Sound is an initiative of singer-songwriter and Dakila council member, Nityalila with the support and assistance of spoken word artist and Dakila Executive Committee member, Miko Aguilar, under Dakila’s artist program Common Threads. The Juan Sound Project was launched on October 19, 2013 at Dakila’s 8th Anniversary Party. Title: Igsoon (Sibling) A Collaborative Musical Journey To Heal The Wounds Of War In Zamboanga Thank you to everyone who participated.

We Are Calling On You

Dakila – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism, in partner with Oxfam, asked me to write a song on food security and sustainable agriculture, as part of their campaign on climate and food justice. Last night, we officially concluded the recording at Womb Worx Studio. I can’t help but be grateful and be overwhelmed by the fact that my song had been performed by some of the most talented musicians in the country, Kakoy Legaspi on guitars, Arwin Nava on conga, Arnold “Budeths” Casinto on dumbek, Rely de Vera on drums, Malou Matute on kulintang and other indigenous instruments, and Francis De Veyra on bass. In addition, I sang along side these fierce and amazing female singers: Kat Agarrado, Tao Aves, Aia de Leon, and Bayang Barrios. Thank you for all your generosity. Ang mabuhay ng dahil Sa’yo! — Credits: Title: We Are Calling On You Composer: Nityalila Saulo Arranger/Producer: Francis de Veyra Executive Producers: Dakila – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism and Oxfam Photos by: Mikaelo Lacson Aguilar Please click on link for more information on Oxfam’s GROW Campaign.

Live In Taipei

Nityalila LIVE in Taipei City, Taiwan from October 01-10, 2012 for the Documentary film, Money and Honey, directed by Jasmine Ching-Hui LEE. Nityalila wrote the soundtrack of the Documentary film. Including two original songs “Kailan?” and “No Money No Honey”, especially written for the film. —- Money and Honey depicts the lives of Filipina caregivers who look after the elderly in a nursing home in Taiwan. Being away from their loved ones, the migrant workers, as well as the elderly suffer from homesickness. In the flow of life, stories of joy and sorrow take place. For more information on the documentary: Kailan? by Nityalila No Money, No Honey by Nityalila